Lenny Palmer has  lived all across the United States, and has been a: butcher, bar  bouncer, bartender, roofer, factory worker, taxi driver, laborer,  longshoreman, novelist, poet, short story writer, movie and restaurant  reviewer, publisher, newspaper columnist, television personality,  champion weightlifter, wrestler, father of four, and talk show host on  AM 1050 WLIP/AM 1220 WKRS; to name but a few of his many lives.

Lenny has no tolerance for stupid people, and believes the United States  encourages and rewards stupidity and lack of ambition, which is why our  standing in the world has slipped so precipitously.

Oh, and Lenny is a very funny guy.


Lenny Palmer received the:

* 2001 Chicago-land Achievement In Radio Award Nomination for “Best Afternoon Show on a News, Talk,  Personality or Sports Station.”

* Two nominations for the 2002  Chicago-land Achievement in Radio Awards for “Best Talent on a News,  Talk, Personality or Sports Station.”

* Has received the 2006, 2008 and 2012 Wisconsin Broadcasters’ Association “Excellence in Broadcasting” Award. The  Excellence in Broadcasting Awards program is sponsored annually by the  Wisconsin Broadcasters Association to recognize outstanding achievement  by Wisconsin radio and television broadcasters. This competition was  established to encourage the highest standards of reporting, community  service and production creativity. It brings the ultimate prize – peer  recognition – to members of the broadcast industry in Wisconsin.

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