We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us


It is never ceases to amaze me how utterly intellectually bankrupt Americans can be and how so many of us are willing to surrender sacred personal liberties for government oversight. Case in point: There is now a hue and cry over "starving, malnourished" American children. In a study commissioned by ConAgra (surprise!), the world's largest producer of processed foods, they claim that a full 10+% of American children are starving:


I have always said on my radio show that the most important component of any news story is not what is said, but what is unsaid. The white spaces between the words say much more than the words themselves. Like the interesting coincidence that ConAgra commissions this study just as Congress is contemplating cutting the enormous food entitlements to the "poor." This would mean billions of dollars in lost revenue for the huge food conglomerates, so therefore a study proving that cutting these entitlements would further starve already starving children is good business. Your children are decimal points on their balance sheets; no more, no less. Tugging at your heart-strings and waving "starving" children in front of your face will shame you to support their profit margins. Smart people, and they know you'll wither under any criticism. It's for the children, after all. And increased sales for their nutritous product, Crunch n' Munch, among other healthy ConAgra entrees you see the food-stamp crowd loading in their grocery carts.

Conversely, another news story breaks, claiming that fully half of us will be unrepentant fat-asses by 2030:


Again, the main thrust of this story is that the government needs to intervene in your private life, this time via punitive taxes to force you to eat the diet they feel creates a healthy lifestyle. Never mind that this smacks of Nazi Germany, the last government so inclined to get deeply involved in their citizens' personal decisions. You seem to desire the government nipple, the government guiding hand, to suckle on the all-encompassing, monstrous, milk-sodden government mammaries. It was no quirk of fate that in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,"  Ken Kesey gave Nurse Ratched huge breasts. She epitomized the "Big Mother" of big government; that maniacal desire to never let go, to keep Little Susie and Little Johnny connected to the umbilical cord, greedily sucking at the government teat. But I doubt many of you got it; you were more transfixed by the crazy people in the asylum in the movie, not the real message of  the book. Hollywood took an important vision of the future and made it a circus sideshow, replete with drooling freaks and geeks and you bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

What exactly is a "healthy" lifestyle? Remember a few years back when coffee was billed as the devil's brew? Now it is being hailed as a wonder beverage, capable of offsetting Alzheimer's, sharpening mental faculties and yes, even helping the heart and nervous system. Eggs were bad, but now they're good, especially the oft-maligned yolks. There are even studies that now question the efficacy of non-fat diets and extoll the virtues of the healthy benefits of saturated fats:


How many of you remember grandparents who ate bacon and eggs every morning, pot roast in the evening, drank hot black coffee and plenty of sweets and lived into their 80s and 90s? How did they do it? The answer is easy: attitude. These were tough old dudes and broads who faced every morning ready to make the best of each and every day. They appreciated life. They appreciated being in a free country that gave them the opportunity to make free decisions about their own lives. They didn't look to the government for a handout or a friendly pat on the head. Or some half-assed elected official's guide posts on what to eat, or whether or not they should smoke, or drink, or nosh a bacon double cheeseburger. The government was there to protect them from enemies, foreign and domestic, and not much else. Why should you expect anything more than that? Why would uneducated working class people know so much more than you about what this great country is actually all about? You have access to infinite amounts of information, infinite largess, infinite freedoms, and yet you are willing to throw it all away? Why? Tell me why?

Let me leave you with a final thought; a quote from one of my earlier blogs on this web site:

"Today's prophet is tomorrow's punch line."

Start learning to think for yourselves again. If you don't you are doomed to the mindless comfort and total dependence of Nurse Ratched's milk-sodden teats. You may want that, but not I, dear friends, not I.

Lenny Palmer 8/26/11


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