It's Time For Some Singapore-Style Ass-Whippings


Wisconsin . . .

Beer and cheese land.

The Green Bay Packers, cows munching contentedly in green pastures.

Home of Friday fish fry, Usinger's sausage, Pabst Blue Ribbon . . .

And getting the crap knocked out of you by gangs of black kids at the state fair. If you're white, that is.

Here's the story that's been making the rounds around the world today. The Wisconsin Sate Fair, most famous for its cream puffs, has now become famous for something else:

This story tries to downplay the racial aspect, but try as they may the sad fact is that this terrifying trend has become fairly routine in Milwaukee. I discussed the story of gangs of black youths beating the shit out of white people in Milwaukee's Riverwest Park earlier this year and at the tony Mayfair Mall during the last holiday season on my radio show. The gangstas--and that's just what they are--are connecting on social media like Facebook and gathering in groups of sometimes 100 or more and then running amok, stealing, beating white folks and generally acting like Hitlerite storm troopers. Hitler's Brown Shirts beat people because they were Jews; these new Nazis beat people because they are white.

There is going to be a lot of hand-wringing and excuse making from the social engineers. They'll anguish over this, ask how we got here and of course demand more taxpayer funds to throw at the problem. They are, and have always been assholes with no concept of how the real world works, but I agree with them on one point: the need for taxpayer dollars to help cure this terrible social disease. They of course want to throw millions into more free breakfasts and lunches, more mood-altering and mind-altering drugs, more social workers and after school programs. I do not. I would prefer instead to throw a few thousands of taxpayer dollars into something much more mundane but a hell of a lot less benign: riot sticks. Large, long and heavy hickory sticks to be placed into the beefy fists of cops on horseback who will ride into the crowd in phalanx fashion and wail away with their sticks on youthful noggins. If somebody gets knocked into next week, tough shit. Don't gather at public places and beat on people of a different color if you don't want your ass kicked by the cops. I wouldn't condone this if it were white kids beating up on black people and I don't condone it in the reverse.

And if some of these wayward "youths" cost extra trouble? Take them and yank their "pants on the ground" to the ground and give them a good Singapore-style bare ass-whipping right there in public, in front of the people they assaulted.

That's all they understand.

Have a better solution? Let's hear it.

Lenny Palmer 8/5/2011


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