Butcher. Baker. Eviscerator.



*NEW RELEASE* Butcher. Baker. Eviscerator.
By: Leonard Palmer

The sixth book in the Johnny Jump series...

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November, 1978

Jennifer Atwill has gone missing. The daughter of sitting congressman Lincoln Atwill attended a going away party for her first year of college. Sometime between the beginning of that party and at its end she vanished. Her friends have no idea where she might be, and those who attended the party had no idea when or to where she disappeared. Every party goer was interrogated, and every party goer was cleared.
     All save one:
     Cabby and arteest Johnny Jump
     Jennifer Atwill took Johnny’s taxi to the party, and had left instructions for him to pick her up at midnight, when she needed to leave the festivities to prepare for her trip to the prestigious east coast college she would be attending. 
     Johnny showed up as requested, but the girl was nowhere to be found. Johnny is a former felon, having served one year in state prison for abducting a woman while he was on an LSD fueled Viet Nam flashback. He merely wanted to put his past behind him, lift weights, drive his cab, read good books, drink Jim Beam and make love to the beautiful Catherine Dupree. 
     Not this time. That felony abduction conviction hangs heavy, and now the police are focused on him as the only viable suspect in the disappearance of a powerful congressman’s daughter. He would be in jail, too, except for the influence of Assistant Chef of Police Leonard Featherstone. The cop knows that Johnny Jump is capable of great violence, but not against an innocent child like Jennifer Atwill. He sets Johnny on a quest to find the girl and thus begins a frantic search to discover her whereabouts. 
     Set during the turbulent nineteen seventy eight mid term elections, Johnny Jump once again bumps up against an eclectic cast of characters including two brothers, Red (a primeval brute who can bench press five hundred pounds for three repetitions and takes an instant dislike to Johnny) and the bulbous Fat, who run a local meat market with a cavernous smoke house; Heinie and Klaus, two German sausage makers in their employ, saloon keeper Michael Pawlak, Chance Mack, the upstart congressional challenger, Congressman Lincoln Atwill and a little old lady named Iris Dorfman who may hold the secret to Lincoln Atwill’s past. As the bodies pile up and Johnny moves closer to finding the girl he is dogged by a mysterious figure clad in black who appears and disappears as if by magic. 
     Will Johnny find the girl and clear his name? 
     All will be revealed in the tale of Butcher. Baker. Eviscerator. 




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