Tricky Dick Nixon and the Five Naked Nuns


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August, 1974.
The world is focused on Watergate and the implosion of Richard Nixon, but not Johnny Jump. He could care less about Presidents or presidential malfeasance. One-quarter black, one-quarter Jewish Johnny Jump just wants be left alone to drive his cab, drink and create art, but circumstances once again won’t allow it.

Sixteen months after his involvement in a one day balls-to-the-wall shoot ‘em up in pursuit of a fabled one million dollars he is back at it again, this time to avenge the death of his friend, Napoleon “Tank” Dupree.

It is Johnny who discovers Tank’s corpse on a city side street one lonely night while driving his cab. Tank Dupree was the one man with whom Johnny felt a deep kinship. They both had served with distinction in the military; Tank in Korea, Johnny in Viet Nam. They both had been raised in hardscrabble circumstances, and they both shared an edgy but idealistic vision of what life should be. Johnny takes Tank’s death hard and vows a blood oath to find and dispatch his killer. Assisting him in his quest are the beautiful Catherine “Cat” Dupree, Tank Dupree’s sister, with a physique and temperament Johnny describes as “feral feline,” an incorruptible police detective, an edgy late-night FM disc jockey who bills himself as “Cicero” and what could or could not be his dead friend’s ghost speaking to him from the grave.

His quest takes him up to the highest rungs of the local political ladder and into a deadly confrontation with a power-hungry alderman who pulls the governmental strings from behind the scenes. Johnny finds himself defending his life and his integrity from a pair of dirty cops, two banditti described by a local newspaperman as “Wop leg breakers” and a petite but murderous Mexican-American beauty with an affinity for the knife and the unusual moniker of “Snoopy.”

In spite of and during the mayhem Johnny creates what he considers to be his magnum opus, a four foot by sixteen foot oil painting completed in a forty-eight hour frenzy, a composition incorporating five nuns, nudity, and the soon-to-be disgraced President of the United States. Art in Johnny’s world is eternal and trumps all, including thugs and assassins. And Presidents.

Nothing else, however, is eternal during the quest to find Tank’s killer. The bodies pile up, the corruption is exposed, and Johnny’s faith in his art and himself is put to the test, all during the week of: Tricky Dick Nixon & the 5 Naked Nuns

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